At Lois Hazel HQ we are firm believers in slow, responsible and thoughtful fashion. It shouldn't be up to the environment or garment workers, to wear the cost of great style. 

It is for these reasons and many more that Lois Hazel is thrilled to announce our newest online stockist, Eco | Mono! Eco | Mono is a blog turned sustainable online retailer, featuring stunning monochromatic pieces from local and international designers!

The eco Mono online store will feature entirely black, white and grey pieces making them all wardrobe staples that can we worn again and again (quality not quantity!) 

This incredible online platform launched March 1st,  so be sure to head over and check out the awesome selection of designers, and sleep well knowing you are supporting a sustainable fashion initiative.  In the wise words of Vivienne Westwood, buy less choose well (choose Eco |Mono!)


lois fraser